LB Steel’s industry leadership is built upon a history of engineering expertise. Trained professionals provide oversight and support throughout the production process. Continuous improvement ensures ongoing cost reductions.

LB Steel offers customers compatible engineering systems in both standard and metric dimensioned prints. Documentation of drawings, programs, fixtures, tools, revisions and quotations are maintained with strict revision control. Electronic data interchange allows for timely communications between LBSteel and our customers.

LB Steel Engineering department utilizes AutoCad, Solid Works, and E-Drawings to analyze and develop a manufacturing process for the customer's product. This in conjunction with Sigma-nest and Pro-nest allows LB Steel to produce products in the most economical way. With the aide of the Metrology abilities that LB Steel has we can also reverse engineer a product and reproduce the item if engineering information is not available.

Unique Capabilities:

  • Evaluation of customer designs for manufacturability and feedback to customers for design improvement.
  • Development of manufacturing processes and controls that assure the capability to meet design requirements.
  • Tooling selection and fixture design and build to reduce lead times.
  • Welding, machining and assembly expertise to assure successful project start and fulfillment of customer requirements.
  • Robotic welding and CNC machining expertise to fully utilize the capabilities of state of the art manufacturing equipment.
  • CAD CAM systems capable of receiving customer models and using those models to drive robotic welding and CNC machining processes.

We’re Ready