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We Are More Than Just A Steel Company...

LB Steel’s mission is to generate controlled growth and value for its owners, employees, customers, suppliers and community by providing the highest standards of workmanship and service. A major aspect of our mission is to provide a constant, stable environment for our employees and their families. We recognize their dedication and service, and strive to provide them with the resources and direction they need day-to-day, while taking proactive measures to safeguard their employment, health and safety.

At LB Steel , we understand that these are the drivers of your business. As a result our company is committed to the pursuit of excellence — zero delivery delays, zero production headaches, and zero tolerance for errors. LB Steel wants to be your strategic outsourcing partner. We will work with you to address these competitive pressures.

LB Steel is your source for outsourced machining, fabricating, burning and assembly. Our machining facilities can accommodate large scale projects with complex intricacies, while our in-house fabricating and burning processes ensure top-quality, cost-effective implementation of customer requirements.

Based in Harvey, Illinois, LB Steel’s 450,000 square-foot manufacturing facilities include a machine shop with more than 40 state-of-the-art CNC machining centers and value-added assembly areas, a separate fabrication facility, and a dedicated burn shop.

450,000 sq. ft manufacture facilities
Cost Production
reduce cost
As an outsourcing partner, LB Steel can offer a variety of services that will reduce costs and improve quality. Once viewed primarily as a cost-cutting tool, outsourcing is now a vital component to the operating business model.
higher-volume production
Customers who outsource large, complex assemblies and higher-volume production rely on LB Steel as a trusted partner.

LB Steel’s philosophy centers on one thing – quality. Quality for LB Steel is defined by our pursuit of Zero. Zero delivery delays, zero production headaches, and zero tolerance for errors. Every one of our employees is committed to the pursuit of Zero, and it drives all of our processes. This focal point on quality management enables LB Steel to complete even the most complex outsourcing projects on-time and on-budget. This, in turn, gives our customers the freedom to focus valuable resources on growth within their own businesses.

LB Steel is fanatical about quality. Quality is in every step of every process. We will not ship a product to a customer that hasn’t met our internal quality standards. Our dedication to quality is showcased through our proprietary quality audit system, which holds every product that passes through our doors to a stringent level of review.

LB Steel is dedicated to innovation in our process technologies, employee skills, and equipment. We do this to give our customers a competitive edge, as well as to deliver a product to our customer that meets or exceeds expectations. Our engineers and technical staff, supported by management, strive to be at the forefront of new technologies in our industries, and implement these as soon as they are quality-proven.

LB Steel also has a number of apprenticeship and training programs for employees to gain new skills in their trade. Our commitment to innovation in equipment is demonstrated by our frequent acquisition of new machinery that helps address the needs of our customers.

LB Steel wants to be a strategic partner for you, rather than just a vendor. We work with our clients to solve problems on-time and on-budget. We introduce value-added services or ideas to take your headaches away.

LB Steel takes total responsibility for performance and quality. We ensure that all processes and workflow are aligned to specific customer requirements. With each customer requirement, there exists a sense of urgency throughout the entire LB Steel organization to anticipate, rather than react.

- Raboma radial arm drill press

- G&L horizonal boring mill machines

- Cincinnati vertical/horizontal planer mill

- Chuck 17" clausing colchester lathe

- 400 ton Pacific hydraulic press brake

- 230 ton Cincinnati hydraulic press brakes

- Marvel vertical bandsaw with 45 degree power tilt and a 15.” blade

- Kitamura CNC machine and 36" x 98" table

- Haas VF 2 ss, VF 3yt, VF 5, VF 6, VF 7, VF 9, VF 11, EC 3000, EC 500, EC 500, and UMC 750 CNC machines

- Haas St-40 30" x 44" CNC lathe machine

- Takisawa TC-4 12" chuck CNC lathe

- CNC Lathe clausing colchester 17" chuck

- Mitsubishi MVR 30, Mitsubishi MVR 35, Nidec MVR 40 Ex, SNK RB 2NM, Toyoda SB-316 vertical precision milling machines